Chivalrous Kidnapper Still Opens Car Trunk for Women

16 Feb


Though he acknowledges the practice may seem outdated in today’s society, Dallas-based kidnapper Mark Thomas Burwell says he still believes in old-fashioned gestures like opening the car trunk for a woman when abducting her.

“I know it’s the 21st century and all, but I was raised to be a gentleman,” said Burwell, who staunchly opposes going Dutch when paying for rope, padlocks and plastic sheeting. “After I’ve been with a young lady a while, I think the respectful thing is to call her father and say ‘Sir, I’d like to ask for your daughter’s ransom.’”

Burwell admits the gender norms of randomly snatching women off the street and holding them captive have been shifting over the years, but he insists that, unlike Cheryl Perkins, a math teacher reported missing in July 2012, chivalry is not dead.

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